Compulsory Pension Insurance

There comes a time when each of us wonders what means we will live by after retirement. You may have a pension paid by the State, but will this be enough for a decent life after retirement? We encourage you to start planning your future and take care of your pension today.

Funds for the accumulative part of your pension may be formed in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation or in one of the non-state pension funds of your choice (pension savings funds). The amount of future accumulation of the pension depends on the amount of contributions made by your employer and the income from the pension fund’s investments.

You can affect the size of the accumulative part of your pension , for example, by transferring your money to a non-state pension savings funds. It is very important to carefully choose the non-state pension savings fund which will ensure the safety and multiplication of your savings.

You can also form a private pension for yourself and your family by paying voluntary contributions. The size of your private pension will depend directly on you.

Raiffeisenbank invites you to use the services of the ‘Raiffeisen’ Non-State Pension Savings Fund for compulsory pension insurance and the formation of an individual retirement plan.

Advantages of the ‘Raiffeisen’ Pension Savings Fund:

  • Over 19 years of experience in the pension services
  • Exceptional reliability and compliance with the regulations and standards of the Raiffeisen Group
  • High standards of quality of service
  • Informational transparency of activities and investment performance
  • Investment strategy aimed at achieving safety and multiplication of funds
  • Respectful, individual approach to each client
  • Customer support through the wide Raiffeisenbank network — more than 180 branches in 49 regions of Russia
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