Repayment of Loans

Select the method of loan repayment that suits you best

Pay in cash through a teller in a branch of Raiffeisenbank

No commission

Pay in cash at a branch of Raiffeisenbank to the current account (the account number specified in the Loan Agreement). You need to have a passport with you and any client account manager in the bank can give you this service.

List of branches

Raiffeisenbank ATMs

No commission

Depositing cash to the current account using Raiffeisenbank ATMs.

List of ATMs

Funds are credited to the account no later than the next business day after being deposited using an ATM. We recommend contributing money through an ATM not later than 1 working day before the payment deadline.

Also, from any Raiffeisenbank ATM machine you can use the instant card-to-card transactions service for repayment of loans. Terms of crediting of funds with instant transfers is similar to the crediting terms when depositing funds through ATMs.

The R-Connect System

No commission

Transfer and conversion of funds from the Client’s personal account to the current account, specified in the Loan Agreement, can be performed through the Raiffeisen Connect system.

To perform operations via Raiffeisen Connect you need to register with the system. More information about the system can be found in the ‘Remote Services’ section.

Payment orders are executed no later than the next business day. We recommend that such transfers through the Raiffeisen Connect system be performed not later than 1 business day before the payment deadline.

Transfer from another bank

A fee is charged by the remitting bank.

A cashless transfer from another bank.

Payment details

Take care of your payment in advance! Money transfers can take up to 3 working days. You can check the information on the timing of the transfer and the transfer fee in the bank where you will carry out the operation.

Standing order

No commission

Based on a standing order, Raiffeisenbank conducts regular transfers from your current account to the account at Raiffeisenbank specified in the Loan Agreement.

You can make a standing order at any bank branch. Be sure to bring your passport with you.

Transfer through Russian Post

The rate (the cost of sending a mail order) for the clients of Raiffeisenbank is 1.3% of the amount of each transfer, but not less than 25 rubles per transaction. VAT is charged in excess of the sum of the rate in the amount, established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

To pay your monthly payment, you can apply at the nearest post office. In this case, you will have to fill in a postal form.


The funds are credited to the account in the Bank no later than the 5th business day after the payment was made. We therefore recommend that you make payments through the Russian Post no later than 5 working days before the payment deadline.

The transfer of funds can be made in rubles only, and transfers should be made to ruble accounts.

QIWI Payment Terminals

The repayment of a loan in Raiffeisenbank is also possible through the terminals of the QIWI payment system. To perform the operation, you need to know the account number, or the credit card number, if it is issued for your account. The money will be transferred to the account in AO ‘Raiffeisenbank ’ within 3 business days. The commission of the QIWI system for these transactions is 1.5%, but not less than 50 rubles.

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